About Game Show Hub

Game Show Hub is a Mobi Weave creation. It came out of our work in creation of GyanQuest for Maker Fiesta. Game Show Hub lets you create Game Shows by simply uploading a text quiz. Think of it as a YouTube of Game Shows where you can create channels, shows and watch shows created by others.

How it Works

  1. You upload a text quiz
  2. Magic tech applied
  3. Plays a 2D and 3D Game Show

Feature Roadmap

2D Game Shows


Play 2D Game shows in browser using WebGL technology.

Creator Web App


Create Game Shows with just providing a question list. Create channels for your brand.


3D Game Show iOS App

Play 3D Game Shows on iPhone and iPad.


3D Game Show Android App

Play 3D Game Shows on Android devices and Chromebooks.


3D Game Show XBox and Windows 10 App

Play 3D Game Shows on XBox and Windows.



Play 3D Game Shows with friends and family.